Invitatie de la EFLM pentru membrii OBBCSSR

OBBCSSR in calitate de societate nationala membru afiliat al EFLM trebuie sa nominalizeze pana la 28 iulie 2024 o persoana membru al OBBCSSR care sa activeze ca “ TF-CPECS® Ambassador
for the accreditation of Continuing Education (CE) events.”

Membrii OBBCSSR care doresc nominalizarea OBBCSSR trebuie sa trimita un CV pe adresa de email pana la 25 iulie 2024.

The TF-CPECS® is dedicated to advancing the profession of laboratory medicine, fostering professional development, supporting high standards for the quality of continuing education programs, and ensuring the professional recognition of educational events and laboratory professionals. Through collaboration with National Accrediting Authorities (NAA) and International Accreditation Bodies, the TF-CPECS® undertakes operational activities to facilitate the mutual recognition of CPECS® credits. For more information about the TF-CPECS®and its initiatives, please visit

The EFLM is committed to recognizing and providing CPECS® credits for high-quality continuing education content in laboratory medicine and related scientific disciplines. Established in 2022, the EFLM CPECS® aims to fulfill the continuing education requirements set forth by international regulations, state accreditations, and professional certifications ( Our ultimate objective is for the EFLM CPECS® to be embraced by NAA as a reputable quality assurance system for acknowledging prominent national and international scientific and educational events based on its highly competitive criteria.

Role of TF-CPECS Ambassadors
TF-CPECS® ambassadors will play a critical role in working closely with the NAA in each country and leading international accrediting bodies to establish and oversee a system for granting CPD credits for various CE programs and events. These Educational events encompass a wide range of formats, including large multi-day annual meetings, webinars, continuing education courses, and other formats. Participants in EFLM CPECS®-approved educational events will be assured of the quality of the programs and the opportunity to earn CPECS® credits. TF-CPECS® ambassadors will have the chance to make a significant impact on the quality and recognition of continuing education programs within their respective countries. By serving as ambassadors, individuals can contribute to the advancement of professional development opportunities for their peers and colleagues.

Call for Nominations
We are calling for nominations of qualified laboratory professionals to serve as TF-CPECS® Ambassadors. Nominees should be highly motivated and committed to advancing the standards of continuing education in laboratory medicine and have a strong understanding of the accreditation process.

Nomination Requirements
§ Nominees must be endorsed by their National Society.
§ Nominees should have a demonstrated commitment to professional development and continuing education in laboratory medicine.
§ Nominees should possess excellent communication and collaborative skills to work effectively with the TF-CPECS® and NAA.